Free Chinese Sidewalk Calligraphy Lessons

Our daughter gets some pointers from a friendly security guard in Qingdao’s Licun Park (李村公园).
The brushes are made with reused materials: plastic pipe, sponge/foam, plastic water bottle, and a couple small nails.

Water calligraphy in Licun Park, Qingdao, China

water calligraphyA common sight in Qingdao’s Licun Park 李村公园

Family picnic in Licun Park, Qingdao, China

Licun picnic
A family picnic in Qingdao’s Licun Park.
We are so thankful to live not far from 李村公园

The Pet Bird Section in Qingdao’s biggest outdoor market

pet bird seciton
Rows of bird cages in the pet birds section at Licun daji, Qingdao’s biggest traditional market.

Market panorama, Licun Daji, Qingdao, China

Standing on a bridge in the middle of 李村大集,Qingdao’s awesome-est traditional market:Market panoramaClick to view large size!