Market day in Qingdao

Market days (大集) are every five days, on the lunar calendar’s 2s and 7s. If you’re going to 赶集, those are the best days.
This new location for Licunji (李村集) doesn’t compare to the old one, but market day still brings out tons of people.

Fall in our Qingdao neighbourhood

Fifteen years ago, this urban neighbourhood in northern Qingdao was a village. Chances are people were doing this very thing, probably not too far from this very spot.dryinggrainqingdao1
Now this is a public play area, where grandparents exercise and let their grandchildren run around.

Colourful peasants, Yangkou, Shandong Province

On a hike near the seaside town of Yangkou 仰口, near Qingdao in Shandong province, China.
Colourful Peasants 01

Colourful Peasants 02