When toilets get lost in translation

On the bathroom wall of a Qingdao coffee shop:

Toilet rules
Apparently even toilets can get lost in translation.

Be honest: how many of you wish your first squatty had come with instructions like this?

[Edited to add:]
Curiously enough, the same day I posted the above photo, this came through my Facebook feed:how to poopwhy squat

So in China they’re trying to get people to poop like Euro-Americans, and in America they’re trying to get people to poop like Chinese. Smh…

2 thoughts on “When toilets get lost in translation”

  1. Or at least the minimal instruction of:

    Step 1 – lower pants only to mid-thigh – lowering to ankles as if you’re on a sit-down toilet will mean that you’ll have to stand back up and try again.

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