Skyping to/from China? Mind if the authorities listen in?

Couple of years ago our Skype suddenly stopped working, and so did everyone else’ we knew of. It prompted us to download and install the China version of Skype in order to get it working. It wasn’t just a software glitch.

The people who keep tabs on the Chinese internet are not happy with Skype/Microsoft. Turns out that if you’re in China, there’s a good chance your Skype usage is compromised: “By redirecting Chinese users to Tom Skype without notice, Microsoft is actively misleading users to think that they are downloading the real Skype client. By blocking Chinese users from downloading the real Skype, Microsoft is actively making it more difficult for Chinese users to circumvent surveillance. By offering two versions of the Skype client that look almost identical but have vastly different implications on privacy, Microsoft is misleading users to trust their product. By not notifying users that the user at the other end is using the Tom Online version of Skype, Microsoft is making Skype conversations from around the world available to Chinese authorities.” See more here: China listening in on Skype – Microsoft assumes you approve

Between Skype/Microsoft selling you out to the Commies and Facebook/Instagram selling your photos to the Market, it’s been an all-star week for the internets.

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