Spot the Differences: before & after “piastic surgery”

For the last few months, I’ve not been able to go anywhere without this guy making eyes at me. But now “Dr. Health Piastic Surgery”, which has the most ubiquitous advertising in our area of Qingdao, has a new campaign.

How many differences can you see?

Because the beauty industry loves you. Manufacturing unnecessary and unnatural dissatisfaction and colonizing women’s bodies for profit makes everyone happier.

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One thought on “Spot the Differences: before & after “piastic surgery””

  1. You know, in the mall below our apartment building, I’d always pass these ads that I guess were for plastic surgery, or maybe for a diet program? I have no idea, because the pictures were so confusing. Sometimes the person was fat before and thin after, sometimes, skinny before and bulkier after, sometimes no discernible difference. But all in all a little gross to look at. I should have taken a picture of it. Also, not related, but you “this guys” reminds me of an ad in our elevator of about 10 men around the advertised car, and when I looked closely, they were all the same man. Except for the one who had a piece of gum stuck over his face.

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