Chairman Mao enshrined — literally

When one of my young, very privileged Party-family students passionately told me, “Chairman Mao is like a god to us!” I understood he meant it as a simile. And the god metaphor is common when discussing Mao and his Cultural Revolution personality cult. But as it turns out, in some incredible irony, some other Chinese mean it literally. I heard about this before, but this is the first time I’ve found pictures — Mao actually enshrined in a local temple: Mao Temple in China – Chairman Mao Becomes Local God.

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3 thoughts on “Chairman Mao enshrined — literally”

  1. How very sad indeed that Chairman Mao would be enshrined as a god when he was only a human being like every one elce except for one. . . [Edited for sensitive content. – Joel]

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