Happy Easter, China [Update 5] — Persecution, resistance & Sunday morning attendance are on the rise

Discussion & Analysis
This translated article provides a partial window into Beijing’s rationale for its harshest repression in over 20 years:
Does This Help Explain the Recent Crackdown?
“The reader will see the importance of this article as revealing the kind of advice currently being given by researchers to the government at the highest level. It may explain why there is no thaw in religious policy and continuing pressure on the house-churches.

“The entire translation … deserves careful reading, but for now we should just note that the Chinese author mixes some fact with a considerable amount of fantasy to concoct a scenario which must be horrifying to his readers. Clearly, he either willfully hides what he knows, or is hindered by massive ignorance of the essence of Christianity, both in the West and in China. His own cultural and political blinders make it impossible for him to understand either the history of Christianity in China or its present condition. Readers of the entire article will sense confusion and repetition in his argument, obviously caused by fear and prejudice.
“…this article seems to fit the general “Red” revival taking place in China; as such, it represents a definite backward trend that has affected the information and security sectors of the government, and accords with the strong insistence upon Chinese nationalism that has fueled important foreign policy moves in the past year.”

People’s University prof’s appeal on behalf of the persecuted
“The significance of this case goes far beyond just one church; it involves the entire enterprise of China’s progress in protecting human rights and property rights. Only by establishing institutions and procedures that citizens can use effectively … can the abuse of governmental power (and not just personal corruption), which is disastrous for the country and calamitous for the people, be successfully stopped.”

How should foreign Christians respond? How about: by keeping quiet?
“Considering the historic, and now heightened, suspicion by the Chinese government that Chinese Christians are tools of American strategic policy, however, I think we should keep quiet for a while.”

Beijing’s Theology of Repression
“China is cracking down on Christians who consider God, not the Communist Party, the head of the church.”

Recent Developments
Authorities go after bosses and landlords

World Vision pressures employee to quit

State church pastors aid police interrogations, forced internal repatriation

Police force entry and deportation out of their jurisdiction

Another internal deportation

Setting up a legal committee

On Sunday #14, attendance is up

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