Happy Easter, China [Update #4] — Treatment of detainees deteriorates, shift in interrogation tactics

China’s official Three-Self church is now helping interrogate Sunday morning detainees.

Nastiness, hacking & “education”
“We understand officers in the police stations tend to be a little nervous in this sensitive period, but we still don’t understand why officers from a few police stations showed signs that they are ignorant of the law and lack humanitarianism… May God have mercy on those people in this country who do such ignorant things as this.”

Why We Won’t Join the Three-Self Patriotic Association
“In reality, however, what we see is that, precisely because of this non-separation of church and state, a very ironic phenomenon has resulted: a Three-Self organization in name that claims to promote self-governance, self-support and self-propagation of churches but cannot achieve the same self-governance, self-support and self-propagation of itself.”

Interrogation Tactics Shift
“This clearly shows that the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee, which is ultimately controlled by the Communist Party, is directly involved…”

No Response to Pastors’ Joint-Petition

Shouwang Church Awaits Breakthrough Discussions with Authorities

Crammed onto Buses (The American Spectator)

Why Do Christian Groups in China Put Authorities on Red Alert? (Time)

Should the China Ambassador Worship at a House Church? (CT)

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