Happy Easter, China [Update #2]

Unfortunately, this “showdown” has the potential to get quite ugly.

Letter from a Beijing Pastor
This translated letter from a Beijing church pastor shares his recent experience in detention, the escalating threats he’s faced, and his message for the Chinese authorities.

Why They Refuse to Stop Meeting Outdoors
“Shouwang vows to continue the showdown until Christmas in hopes of ending Achilles’ heel of unregistered churches: government pressure on landlords.”

Don’t pick a fight with China’s Christians
“…if the State really is seeking a confrontation with [unregistered Christians] then it is bearding a far bigger and potentially dangerous tiger than the liberal fringes that it has attacked so far…Forcing Christians to chose between their loyalty to their Church and their State is a choice that many don’t want to make, but they will, if pushed.”

Counting China’s Christians
“There are as many Christians in China as there are members of the Communist Party.”

Escalation expected

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