Happy Chūwǔ tù you! Time to curse your enemies with Chinese voodoo!

If you’re wondering why it sounds like your Chinese city is under attack again, a mere five days after the Chinese New Year bombardment, it’s because today is 初五, the 5th day of Spring Festival and the day traditionally reserved for getting together with family and cursing your current and future enemies. In other words, what you’re hearing tonight is Chinese firecracker voodoo.

There’re also voodoo dumplings, among other preemptive enemy cursing traditions, which you can read about here:

Happy Chūwǔ 兔 you!

2 thoughts on “Happy ChÅ«wÇ” tù you! Time to curse your enemies with Chinese voodoo!”

  1. You know, I’ve lived in China for 8 years and this is new to me! This year our little neighborhood in Beijing was going crazy with fireworks on Chu Wu and neither my Chinese husband nor I could figure out why. My husband is from Kunming and I spent 5 years there myself and they definitely don’t have this tradition down there. This must be a more of a Northern/Northeastern thing? Anyhow, cool to learn something new, even after all these years!

  2. I can’t figure out all who does which parts of this tradition where. In Hong Kong (there’s a paper linked in the other post) you can pay for this as a service; someone will do the chopping for you, and from what I remember it isn’t necessarily connected to a specific holiday. My students seemed to be hit and miss with this (and many other) traditions. Either they know all about it or they’ve never heard of it. A couple of my teenage students couldn’t tell when Chinese New Year was in the lunar calendar.

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