An introduction to Manifest Destiny, China-style

I recently discovered Guanxi Master, a Chinese culture blog with plenty of interesting food for thought on a wide range of topics, like The Crisis of the Chinese Soul and Chinese Attitudes on Work. From From “Zhong” to “Hua” and Back:
“…it is not enough to be “a center”: China has an almost genetic disposition to set their sights on becoming “The Center”. Nothing else will do, for the goal is highly associated with the ultimate good and the ideals around which China is built. The manifest destiny of the Chinese is to become the “Middle Kingdom” yet again.

“… That a second generation Chinese in the West would still feel connected to the Mainland is hard for most Westerners to understand … The years that overseas Chinese have spent in Diaspora often make these ideas even more real to them than they are to the younger generation of Mainland Chinese themselves.”

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