Desperate Chinese Housewives

One of my students, mid-40’s, manager, mom to an elementary aged son, this week during class:

“I like watching Desperate Housewives. I used to think Americans are all selfish and don’t care about others. But now I think they do care about others because the wives in Desperate Housewives always help each other.”

“Really? But you know the stuff on T.V. isn’t always real.”

“Of course, but I think Desperate Housewives is like the real America. Americans are like this.”

4 thoughts on “Desperate Chinese Housewives”

  1. I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article and Dan McVey’s comments. As a 69 year old Australian I find there are ample opportunities to instigate intimate liaisons with married, divorced and separated Chinese women as their husbands seem interested in playing mahjong than entertaining their children and assisting and loving their wives. Of course, there are many happily married couples in China but their seems to be an increasing number of unhappy and disatisfied housewives and ex-housewives. There also seems to be a problem with msny Chinese men accepting that an increasing number of women now want careers outside of domestic duties and feel they have right to be both loved and respected by the man, supposedly, in their life.

  2. Unfortunately, there’s more truth in her statement than we might like to admit. At least she sees the good side of folks helping one another. The shallow materialism at the root of most behavior on such shows is a deeper problem.

  3. As a relatively wealthy, “middle-class” urban Chinese, I don’t think she would have noticed the shallow materialism any more than a fish notices water. (That’s not so much a comment about her specifically as it is about the richer half of urban Chinese society in coastal cities.)

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