The China Daily covers… house churches in Beijing?

The recently revamped China Daily has two articles on Christians in Beijing. The first, A Beijing Christian shares his story of conversion, presents a brief profile of young, successful, Beijinger searching for more meaning in life. The second, House churches thrive in Beijing, profiles the Shouwang church. I found this a little surprising considering that particular group’s recent problems in November and December.

These positive reports contrast sharply with other recent related news (click the photo below):

2 thoughts on “The China Daily covers… house churches in Beijing?”

  1. Yeah, that’s something a lot of people forget: different bureaus and departments aren’t necessarily coordinated (or in cooperation). In some cases they’re in competition and very uncooperative.

    This article sketches out the current disorganized nature of this area of regulation in China: Pre-modern Religious Policy in Post-Secular China

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