Slogans from the demolition zone

Went back recently to Tianjin’s old Nanshi hutongs to see what (if anything) was left, and found some slogans. A few months before the 2008 Olympics everyone was moved out and the partially demolished city blocks wrapped in high, long walls of billboards. The walls are still there, but inside it’s mostly flat and barren.

“Establish a sanitary city district, construct a beautiful homeland”
创建卫生城区 建设美好家园
chuàng​jiàn​ wèi​shēng​ chéng​qū​, jiàn​shè​ měi​hǎo​ jiā​yuán​

“A safe community is everyone’s duty, everyone participates in a safe community”
社区平安 人人有责,社区平安 人人参与
shè​qū​ píng​’ān​ rén​rén​ yÇ’u ​zé​, shè​qū​ píng​’ān​ rén​rén​ cān​yù​

These buildings house a primary school. The 200-year-old traditional courtyard compound featured in the posts linked below was attached to the side (picture’s foreground). Other than a small handful of occupied lowrise apartment buildings and some squatter camps (scavenging building materials), this is all that’s left; the entire place is flat. Even most of the rubble is gone.

Nanshi hutong pre-demolition photos and stories:

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