Today’s commute by the numbers

What a half-hour’s bike ride during Friday morning rush hour can get you in Tianjin:

  • People who stared at me: 4
  • People who took no notice of me: hundreds
  • Red lights: 8/11 (meaning I had to stop for 3)
  • Buses I wanted to curse at: all of them, but 4 especially noxious ones in particular
  • Groups of migrant construction workers protesting their late wages: 1
  • Cars on fire: 1
  • Buildings I should be able to see but can’t because of the air pollution: dozens? scores? hundreds?
  • Years shaved off my life due to the air pollution: incalculable

Five days a week I bike half an hour one way to work; so 13.2 kilometers total there and back according to google maps. The numbers above are only for the morning commute to work. There really was a car on fire this morning.

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