“Being in China is like…”

A friend/professor/grad studies mentor of ours just returned to the States from an education trip to China. After getting detained for swine flu on the way in, he traveled all over and the last few days ended up in the middle of the communications blackout on account of accidentally being in the wrong city at the wrong time. It was his first trip to China, and in an e-mail from Hong Kong on his way out he briefly described his first impressions:

Being in China is like living in the past, present and future all at once.

Have you been to China? Are you in China? How would you finish the sentence, “Being in China is like…”?

3 thoughts on ““Being in China is like…””

  1. I’ve only spent a few days on the mainland. But I had some friends who lived there for two years, and they said being in China is like living life inside out from what they were used to — what is public and what is private seemed reversed to them.

  2. From chuck (on my Facebook): “Being in China is like…. sloppy wet kisses. Probably not the most sanitary, but you love it nonetheless ;)”

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