Haircut time with Mr. Chang


Went to Mr. Cháng (常) for a haircut today. Took this while waiting. Even the price of a sidewalk haircut has gone up, from 3 to 4å…ƒ ($0.47 to $0.62). It’s the National Day holidays, so the neighbourhood committees hang a flag at every stairwell entrance. Note the extension cords: that goes up into a 3rd-story window.

2 thoughts on “Haircut time with Mr. Chang”

  1. I got my haircut also this week, but mine cost 30 RMB… BUT!!

    they treated me like a movie star, giving me this oh so sensual hair massage.. then taking their itsy bitsy time in cutting my hair.. followed by more hair massages..

    ok.. I better stop talking now

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