Zhōngwén zhī Yay! (China Night)

China Night (中文之夜) is an annual variety show that the students and teachers at our school put on, mostly just to give the students a fun way to use their Chinese. This year there were songs, games, comedy routines, dancing, a play, skits, crosstalk; it was really funny – I think partly because this year we could actually understand what was being said. The audience is mostly people associated with the school and their friends, plus some local university students.

Some of the acts were hilarious. In one game the students had to blow out ten candles as fast as they could by speaking vocabulary words that require aspiration (words starting with f, p, etc.), which they had to think up on their own and weren’t allowed to repeat. Another game used a line of ten people, with the first person acting out a vocabulary word for the second person, who then has to act it out for the third person, and all the way down until the last person has to guess what the vocabulary word was. One sequence that started out with “elevator” ended up with “squatty potty with no toilet paper.” We weren’t the only couple singing ridiculously cheesy love songs; the host and his wife sang the “I love you like mice love rice” song (老鼠爱大米).

Mouseover the photos to see the captions. Click them to see them bigger. We didn’t take any of these.

We sang a sappy duet (梁山伯与茱丽叶) and tried to ham it up for fun. It makes allusions to both Romeo and Juliet and the ‘butterfly lovers’ Liáng Shānbó and Zhù YÄ«ngtái, Romeo and Juliet’s ancient Chinese equivalent. Like the Shakespeare play, they want to get married but the family says no and they end up dying. But they become butterflies fly away together after Zhù YÄ«ngtái jumps into her lover’s tomb while on the way to her arranged marriage. (You can read more of the story here.)

Here’s the lyrics with a rough translation:

梁山伯与朱丽叶 / Liáng Shānbó & Juliet




我爱你 你是我的茱丽叶

I love you

我爱你 你是我的罗密欧

祝福着 未来

My heart sings a song for you to hear
The lyrics are so honey-sweet
But I blush, I don’t have the courage
To you to say the words ‘I love you’

Why do you still not speak?
Could it be you don’t understand my heart?
No matter whatever style you use to make it clear
I will say to you I’m willing

A thousand words in ten-thousand languages
Only these few words are able
To vindicate my heart

A thousand words in ten-thousand languages
Only these few words
Are enough to let us cuddle each other close

I love you, you’re my Juliet
I’m willing to become your Liáng Shānbó
Happiness every single day
Romantic every single night

Hold love…
Don’t let go
I love you

I love you, you’re my Romeo
I’m willing to become your Zhù Yīngtái
Happiness every single day
Romantic every single night

Beautiful romance
Blessing the future

(You can see karaoke music video here.)

3 thoughts on “Zhōngwén zhÄ« Yay! (China Night)”

  1. 非常有意思的夜晚~
    不过“中文之夜”正规的拼音应该为“Zhong wen zhi ye”(我不会打声调)

  2. 对,我们知道。用”Yay”是一个笑话,因为”yay”è·Ÿ”yeah”差不多,而且”yay”听起来像”夜”。”Yay!” 有很高兴很好玩的意思,差不多是”加油!”

    可是,谢谢你帮我们学汉语。我知道我还常常写错了 。 真需要很多帮助!

  3. 那是我没弄明白你的用意。

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