[Photo Gallery:] Great Wall Hike

After a train ride to Beijing, a night in a hostel, a bus ride, and then a car ride, we arrived at what people say is perhaps the best preserved, least Disneyfied portion of the Great Wall. It’s also virtually deserted. We hiked for over five hours, and if we don’t count the TV crew filming a Jackie Wu game show, we only saw maybe 10-15 other people. Most of the time we were alone in the blessed silence of the crumbly wall and the denuded hills.

Things to look for (that aren’t self-explanatory):

  • Jessica and Natalie being civilized comrades and lining up next to the bus stop’s line-up sign.
  • Jackie Wu’s TV game show film crew. We didn’t realize he was super-famous when we met him, or even what his name was, but everyone was friendly. Thankfully the film crew was staying put, so we quickly left all that commotion behind.
  • A village woman hiking through the hills, and a village man selling souvenirs on the wall. Villagers hike windy trails up and down the hills carrying drinks and souvenirs to sell to tourists on the wall. We only saw a handful over the 5+ hours. One followed us for a while, so when we stopped for a snack we shared some goodies.

You can read about this little adventure here:

Photos from our first Great Wall trip are here:

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2008 Feb 18-19

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