Two questions re: cabbages and toilets

I have two questions for you, only one of which I know the answer to:

1) If you were taking a shower and you dropped the soap in the toilet, how would you fish it out? I should add that you were taking your morning shower when this happened, it’s cold in the apartment and you’ve got about three minutes of hot water left. And yes, the toilet and the sink are in the shower. And no, you can’t flush it; you can’t even flush toilet paper, let alone a bar of soap!

2) Why did one of our friends receive a giant candle in the shape of a Chinese cabbage as a Christmas present (which she re-gifted to us in a ‘secret Santa’ gift exchange)? It’s the same answer to this question: Why is one of the prize pieces in Taibei’s National Palace Museum a life-size, solid jade cabbage?

[CLICK HERE to reveal the answer to #2.]

  • “Cabbage” is pronounced bái cài (白菜). Cài (菜) sounds like cái (财), which means “riches” in Chinese, and is part of the Chinese New Years greeting we used to mimic in elementary school: gōng xǐ fā cái (恭喜发财). Fā cái (发财) means “to get rich.” Giving people cabbage-inspired gifts is like wishing them to get rich.
  • That’s the answer my teacher gave me. I asked the office staff at lunch, and they didn’t know anything about a connection between cài (菜) and cái (财). Then they said, as they often do, that it must be a southern thing.

I’m asking about the cabbage because there’s a cool culture/language thing I want to share. I’m asking about the soap because… I just need to know. I’m not asking about why the sink and toilet are in the shower because I’m afraid the answer might be more irritating than the not knowing.

7 thoughts on “Two questions re: cabbages and toilets”

  1. I’d spear it with a chopstick — and subsequently throw away said chopstick. OR keep it handy in case this occurs again.

    That’s just me.

  2. I never thought of that, but that would have been way better than the toilet brush/wad of soggy toilet paper combination I eventually employed. I need to put some chopsticks in the bathroom.

  3. make sure and sharpen the end of the chopstick for two reasons. One, it will pierce the soap better and two, you don’t want to mistake those chopsticks for other eating utensils.

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