October’s propaganda: anti-“gendercide”

It’s time for your monthly dose of sloganeering!

But first, have you ever wondered: What to do with a population the size of Canada that is comprised entirely of sorely disaffected males from the ever-lowering classes who have no hope of finding a woman and whose economic horizons look increasingly bleak?

From our trip to a village in September:

“Care about girls’ development, establish a civilized new atmosphere.”

guān-xīn nǚ-hái chéng-zhǎng, shù-lì wén-míng xīn-fēng

In 2001, the government introduced the “Care for Girls” program, which promoted the birth of girls in rural areas. Families are given 100 yuan (about $13) each month for girls, in an attempt to make female babies more desirable. Also, local education fees are waived for girls. (from China Fears Lopsided Sex Ratio Could Spark Crisis)

There’s no shortage of coverage on China’s looming gender-ratio crisis: 140 males for every 100 females in some rural areas, 117:100 national average, with modernization actually exacerbating the problem, since relatively cheap ultrasounds pave the way for sex-selective abortions. The preference for boys is thousands of years old and the reasons for it are many, and it’s actually getting worse. See here for a recent report from China’s national English language news media. This NBC article calls it “gendercide”:

China is asking where all the girls have gone.

And the sobering answer is that this vast nation, now the world’s fastest-growing economy, is confronting a self-perpetuated demographic disaster that some experts describe as “gendercide” — the phenomenon caused by millions of families resorting to abortion and infanticide to make sure their one child was a boy.

I’m in the middle of some ‘real’ study on this and related issues, but for now all you get is whatever Google turns up when you search “China gender population crisis.”

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