Smoke follows beauty (Here comes the bride!)

The bride arrives at the restaurant where the ceremony and banquet of a friend’s wedding were held this last weekend. In this short video you can see – once the smoke begins to clear – that they’re quite happy:

There was a nice ceremony before a huge lunch, with toasting and little “embarrass the bride and groom” games going on during the meal. In one game, I dangled a piece of candy from a string and the bride and groom had to try and each bite it without using their hands. In another game (and this was kind of gross, but funny) they fill up the groom’s mouth with as many candies as they can, and then he has to feed them to the bride without using his hands. Teasing the bride and/or groom is an old tradition, though no doubt the details have changed over the years. The whole event was a lot of fun. The ceremony was much like an American ceremony, except that it included the bride and groom serving tea to the parents, and the bride led a little karaoke sing-along.

4 thoughts on “Smoke follows beauty (Here comes the bride!)”

  1. wow.. that was great.. i am surprised that they both seem to be wearing “American or European” style outfits.. I wonder why they dont wear more Chinese looking outfits.. Is this a traditional Chinese wedding? Interesting..
    of course they look great! congratulations to them!

  2. I don’t know how it rated on the traditional scale. There were traditional elements to it: firecrackers, serving the parents tea, a banquet, the bride and groom and parents go around to each table and toast each couple (a lot of drinking! but this wedding was alcohol-free, which is definitely not normal), the ’embarrass the bride’ games, plus there are other ceremonies between the couple and the parents done either after or before the wedding day, but I forget what those are. Oh, and each guest brings a fancy red envelope with money inside that you give to the couple when they come around to toast – or you hold it for ransom until they complete the little game you make them play (like eating the candy together with no hands).

    Other than that, it was like what you might expect at a Western wedding: same song, short sermon, exchange of vows.

  3. Yeah, people think I’m crazy when I tell them I like the weather on the few drizzly days we get here, but they obviously didn’t grow up in the Lower Mainland. ;)

    The cool think about rainy days here, though, is that it makes rush hour traffic way more colourful. Next time I’ll take some photos and show you what I mean. Vancouver really oughta try this!

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