Lunchtime Noodle Magic

Noodle magic at lunch on Monday, no machines. These are called 拉面 (“pulled noodles”), and two bowls of these in soup with some beef, cilantro, black vinegar, and other spices cost us less than a dollar at lunch time in the 花鸟鱼虫市场 (“flower-bird-fish-bug market”).

We chose this place for lunch because it was cheap and busy. It’s owned by Chinese Muslims, and often the Muslim-owned places have great food.
Today we went with ‘Shine Far’ and two new Americans to a local museum, which was especially cool because it was the first chance for me to see “dragon bones” aka the earliest forms of Chinese writing written on bone fragments and tortoise shells – some were apparently 4000 years old! Then we had dinner at a fantastic local dive, and kicked a 毽子 in the park. School starts again in just a few days!

4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Noodle Magic”

  1. wow .. that was great! The kids and I just watch a whole show about an American man trying to learn how to pull noodles.. he started out in the states and ended up in China. It was cool to watch.. and have video that directly relates to what we watched! how cool is that!


    what kind did you have? were they good?

  2. man, we need your all-China channel beamed to us over here!

    The soup was called “cow-meat pulled noodles” (牛肉拉面). It’s basically noodles in thin broth with a token piece of thin-sliced beef, cilantro and green onions, with shredded cucumber on top, and then you can add your own crushed red (hot) peppers-in-oil and black vinegar. Yeah, it was really good. Especially for the price. But if you want to try it at home, make sure you use chopsticks instead of forks and spoons, and no cutting the noodles into short pieces! (it helps to have good stain remover handy when you get home.)

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