Sometimes the future implications of your current life choices hit you out of the blue. What do you suppose this guy was thinking that second his gaze hit the camera?


I’ve realized for a while now that if we have boys, they probably won’t grow up playing hockey. And I haven’t yet figured out what else they might do instead. What else is there for boys to do?

Even more distressing, I just suddenly realized this evening that if we have daughters, chances are good that at some point, they will want Hello Kitty stuff. In our house. But I suppose maybe we could use that to get them to take up guitar (you really ought to click that link).

I think I’ll just try not to think about it, and maybe it will go away. Besides, I’d take Hello Kitty over North America’s current popular female role models any day.

All that to say, the magnitude of the impending consequences of choosing to raise a family in a very foreign culture is something that only dawns slowly on my consciousness. Man, that was a bad sentence. We don’t/can’t yet really comprehend the implications of our choice to settle in China. But I hope we can grow into the kind of people and family who can handle the consequences when they come.

ps – We borrowed the photo from this fantastic news blurb called: “Bad Thai cops to endure Kitty shame,” which is worth even more of a click than the Hello Kitty Fender guitar site.

4 thoughts on “Realizations”

  1. You were right… Hello Kitty is entirely toooo pervasive. Sydney has seen Hello Kitty ONCE (that is, she has one Hello Kitty toy, courtesy of McDonalds), and can identify Hello Kitty anywhere now.

    However, I love the idea of misbehaving police officers being forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands… it’s the perfect punishment!! =) If only we could do that here…

  2. hey joel..thought i would give my few cents worth. ok, the hello kitty fender is just sacrilege. just kidding. personally i agree with you about some of the female role models girls have. but then, there are some really great ones too and if i had girls i would focus on those actually. and to raise your children in another culture is really a benefit. your children will grow up bilingual for one, and the life experiences they will learn nothing in north america can compare. sad to say, though i do love hockey, there are other sports. like sumo wrestling such a fun sport. and lastly, you and jessica are amazing people and any children you will have will be lucky to have you as parents. raising children is an honor, you will learn more from them they will from you. i have watched you around my own kids, josh and billy think ya’ll are the greatest people ever. don’t over analyze it, just go with it. oh and one more thing…i would choose hello kitty for daughter over barbie any day. miss ya’ll dearly!!

  3. Did you know that Hello Kitty has a boyfriend? ‘His’ name is Dear Daniel. Yeah. We even know a couple that has matching his-&-hers credit cards.

    I agree with both of you.

    Sharon – Hello Kitty could kick Barbie’s surgically enhanced butt any day of the week. I’d take sickeningly cute, mouthless cats over freakishly proportioned valley girls any day.

    Shauna – scary, eh? One day you don’t notice, and then suddenly, Hello Kitty is everywhere! I didn’t know that Stateside McD’s were doing the Hello Kitty toy thing, too.

  4. I agree with Hello Kitty over Barbie… and that’s saying absolutely nothing about Barbie vs. Bratz… Dear Lord… that’s just what my daughter needs… dolls dressed like “working women” to boost that self-esteem that will eventually be in such short supply. Yes, China may have the “Culture of Cute”, but it’s better than the “Culture of the Inappropriately Dressed/Behaved” that we’ve got…

    Yeah… Hello Kitty has invaded the US again… My best friend growing up had a Hello Kitty phone… we never really cared about the Hello Kitty part, just that it was a phone… Interesting to see that a character that was popular in the mid ’80’s is still existing… and with such proliferation!!

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