Jiao zi lessons, watching rated ‘R’ Harry Potter movies

Went to a friend’s to make (and eat) 饺子 (jiÇŽo zi). Lots of fun and good language practice!


They’re kind of like pierogies, only the insides are different and you dip them in black vinegar and pepper sauce. We made/ate too many and waddled home after.


dscn5181small.JPGAnd a word about pirated DVDs… We just watched the new Harry Potter movie. Maybe you didn’t know, but it’s rated R and has the exact same cast and crew as “The Rock” – at least, that’s what the cover of our copy says.

Sadly, it didn’t have negative review blurbs printed on the package like others we’ve seen, or plot descriptions and review blurbs from other movies. Even more sadly, the quality was so brutal that if we weren’t desperate Harry Potter geeks we would have turned it off. We could only hear half the dialogue and it looked like it came from my grandparents’ old family films from the 70’s shot on whatever that old kind of film was called.

But I guess with pirated movies, you get what you pay (65 cents) for.

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