Lost the kitten, found the ninja

Our friendly, neighbourhood ninja
Early Saturday morning I was dreaming that I was sleeping, and someone was standing by the bed yelling at me, “Hey! Hey! Wake up! Hey! Hey! Wake up! Hey!” Then I really did wake up, but the “Hey! hey!”-ing continued. After a few seconds I realized: the ninja is back.

Our friendly neighbourhood ninja. Lately he’d taken a few weeks off. We’ve never seen him. He used to regularly kick off the morning neighbourhood exercise/variety show by breaking the relative silence with about 30 seconds of “Hei! Hia! Hei! Hui!” before coughing, spitting, and mysteriously disappearing. Several times I’d put the camera by the bed so I could shoot him; I wanted to put him in the Good Morning Tianjin video. But he’s always eluded us. By the time he’d wake me up and I’d make it to the window, he’d be gone. So we somewhat affectionately call him “the ninja.”

Someone jacked our kitten!
We, along with Mr. Huì, adopted a stray kitten. It showed up in the neighbourhood one night, and we started feeding it; it lived outside in a community garden and in a pile of junk under Mr. Huì‘s first-floor windows. We knew better than to bring it in the house; a girl from California we know who works in QÄ«ngdÇŽo took in a kitten off the street and got a nasty skin disease on her face from it. Her and her roommates had to turn it back out onto the street, which was about as traumatizing for her as the skin disease.

Anyway, we saw Mr. Huì on the way home today and he told us someone had stolen our kitten! I asked him if they stole it to sell down south in GuÇŽngzhōu as food (the latest Guangzhou cat-eating drama is here, from July 10). He assured both of us that she was stolen because the thief thought she was cute for a pet, not because they want to eat it. I’m not so sure, considering what happened here this February.

You can see her and hear Mr. Huì in this 20 sec. video (“mi-mi” is how you call to a cat in Chinese).

She had a good time while she was here, chewing cicadas and eating fish caught in the canal.

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