Putting the OMG! in Smog

In China, the weather is measured in units of “Blue Sky Days.” These undoctored photos below show why. They where taken from three places: the middle of the road where we cross to enter the school grounds, a bridge over the canal looking in the direction of our apartment, and out our kitchen window. The photos were all within 5 days of each other, except the last clear one.

Mouseover the photos for date and time.


For the record, we do occasionally have brilliantly clear blue skies, which you can see in the Tianjin Bike Ride photos.


For the Olympics they plan to rain all smog out of the air and prompt two weeks of sunshine. Hope no one gets thirsty.

In the next two shots, our apartment building is on the left but you can’t see it, way up just before the next bridge:


These last two were taken from our kitchen window:


Please pray for our lungs.

9 thoughts on “Putting the OMG! in Smog”

  1. Your pictures are awesome, what a difference! Can I steal some of them to put on the Olympics blog? (with credit to you, of course)

  2. This is amazingly frightening. I think it is extremely worthwhile to briefly consider the ramifications to peoples health and well being. Further, if I was the rest of the world I would be concerned about the larger scale effects of such environmental irresponsibility. Why are we living here?

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