Community Art Project: interpret this

For our interpretive community. Lots of you are educated in literature and things relating to textual criticism. Surely with our powers combined we can find meaning in this.

because you don’t
force yourself go fall,
you just fall.

Like there are many stars up in the sky, my words for you in this paper resemble tiny bits or seeds.

because you don’t
force yourself go fall,
you just fall.

Cherry! Cherry! Cherry!

My friends

Any and all interpretive attempts are welcome!

9 thoughts on “Community Art Project: interpret this”

  1. Perspicacity
    in a passing second.
    Like the one it took to read
    this sentence.
    without pits.
    and plastic.

  2. Hmmm, so beneath Hello Kitty’s unassuming exterior lies sadistic passive-aggression? I suppose the “Cherry! Cherry! Cherry!” could be a misuse of the verb “to cheer,” with the authorial intent directed toward encouraging the reader’s voluntary plummetous destruction.

  3. Ha… thanks.. I used to have to stay up until 3:30am to get that kind of review from my professors.. I guess now, with Miriam, the 3:30 state is semi-permanent — either that or you’re a generous fellow. Hmm. I wonder which it is? ;). Thanks for the Chinglish — it makes me laugh every time.

  4. joel, that is an easy one – they are talking about the cherry blossoms which will soon bloom and then fall on a small tree (five feet high).

  5. Nelson’s right — that’s what it looks like in our neighbourhood, anyway ;-) Except that most of the more sensitive 5-foot trees here have been blown over or eaten …

  6. Ok Joel.. here is what I think..

    1. its a type note or card you would give to a close female friend.. someone you like.
    2. the Cherries represent female beauty and “courtship”.. so these could be like in our culture putting little hearts there…
    3. The “seeds or stars” part just means there isnt room enough on this page to write how wonderful you are.
    4. the “because you dont fall part” means.. you are a great friend and stay friends even though there might be tough times :)the friendship is not forced or fake.

    I am wondering what it really is? am I WAY off?

    …..thanks for sharing!


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