An Irresistible Opportunity

This one’s for mom. It was an epic battle between mind and stomach. The mind won, but just barely.

We met a wonderful lady named Maya who works at the hotel. She has a beautiful daughter and lots of free time, so she enjoys talking with us in the lobby. I asked her about the bugs, and if they are just a gimmick for dumb tourists. She said the big bugs are from western Thailand, and people in the north don’t eat those very much. Northern Thais prefer the bamboo worms, and she especially likes ant eggs, which are in season right now.

This market was way better than the “night bazaar”. It was several blocks packed, with way more variety and interesting stuff, bigger crowds, better prices, better food, more buskers (not sure that they were better)… it was the “Sunday Market.”

Also, the Thailand photo gallery is up! We’ll update it as we go.

17 thoughts on “An Irresistible Opportunity”

  1. Joel, Is this an epidose of Fear Factor? You’ve seriously got guts. And I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment. So I assume that was a bid cockroach, the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe how much you had to chew to get that down, no wonder there are so mant skinny people there. Pray you are enjoying the adventure.

  2. Joel,

    All I ask is when you find the food that I have challenged you to eat for over a year now, you will make an equally enjoyable video.

    To have seen some of the stuff you have eaten in the past and to see the expression on your face demonstrated how vile that bug must have been. Good show ole chap! Good show indeed.

  3. My Dear Son Joel, the once-upon-a-time adorable, wavy haired toddler who held my hand walking down the street, learning NOT to touch disgusting things that crawl on the road, in and out of sewers and up drain pipes–never mind eat them! Your darling wife spends all day in gourmet cooking classes and you are eating “dishgushting” 5 inch long get-out-the-RAID-can monsters! What will you possibly do for an encore? I( guess the Abilene beetle plague was not enough for you:) Well…now that you’ve succeeded in the “epic battle of the mind and stomach”, and have proved to the whole world on-line that your 2 masters degrees have developed your “mind” to the point that it can battle and overrule the barf reflex, maybe you can hang up your diplomas now, relax and enjoying Jessica’s new skills in gourmet Thai cooking:)

  4. unfortunately, your brother feels super proud of you and jealous… why would you be jealous of someone eating a ROACH?! (especially when they had to pay for it!) who knows..

  5. you know your 2 subtitles….”Things We’ve Eaten” and “Running wild in the Streets” ? I think you should remove the dividing line/slash and combine them to one title–“Things we’ve eaten running wild in the streets” OR “Things running wild in the streets we’ve eaten” :)

  6. It was among the sickest things I’ve ever experienced. And I wasn’t even eating. But hearing the crunch of the exo-skeleton in my husband’s mouth was enough to make me almost toss my cookies.

  7. She gave me two, and I wanted to mail the other one home with some stuff we picked up for the girls, but Jessica says I shouldn’t. It’s still sitting there in the hotel room in its bag with the stick. Any takers? I think they fry them in butter and sugar… it was kind of sweet and greasy.

    Honestly, I was surprised at how easy that wasn’t. There was a bit of a gag reflex on that first swallow. Knowing some of what else is out there from reading and seeing pictures, esp. in some parts of China (chicken fetuses, big fat juicy grubs on a stick, etc.), I’m not yet convinced that I have the necessary mental stamina to eat just any food and not throw it up. I really didn’t think the bug would faze me, but if it had been juicy and crunchy… I don’t know that I could have kept it down. I guess we’ll see next time.

  8. AHHHHH, Joel you are soooooo brave!!!

    That is so cool to see y’all in places that I’ve been…just too bad we all couldn’t be there together. Who knows, might just end up as neighbors depending on how all this peace corps business works out. :)

    I’m not sure how much more time y’all have in Chiang Mai, but there is an AWESOME spa/massage place y’all should try and visit if you have a chance. I’ll see if I can track down Ryan Binkley and find the name of it. I think it’s right across from the Starbucks by the night market (I know you can see part of the night market from the place). But it is heavenly. I’m sure you saw all the massage kiosks at the Sunday market as well. :)

    p.s. did you like my gratuitous use of the word “y’all”?

  9. Hi Bev! Thanks for dropping in. I’m not sure I’d call it bravery… ;)

    And we have to prepare to face the stuff they have in China that makes cockroaches look like candy. I’ve seen pictures of food I’m really not sure I could handle. Time will tell…

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