Our First Taiwan Earthquake

We experienced our first Taiwan earthquake… at least, the first one that one of us noticed.

Around 8:30 last night we were sitting on the couch and Jessica asked, “Do you feel something shaking?” I didn’t, but I was so dizzy and stuffed up that I didn’t really feel anything anyway. Later that night Steve asked over gmail, “hey, did you feel the earthquake there?” I didn’t know what he was talking about until he sent me a link to a CNN report:

Tuesday’s quake was felt throughout Taiwan. It swayed buildings and knocked objects off the shelves in the capital, Taipei, in the northern part of the island.

Then Jessica looked up Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau and sure enough, a 6.7 at 8:26pm!

It was the second anniversary of the big tsunami, which was also Chairman Mao’s birthday.

Some of our friends here felt it, too. I guess it’s not all that uncommon.

5 thoughts on “Our First Taiwan Earthquake”

  1. Apparently this building survived a way worse earthquake several years ago, so I think that means it’s pretty safe… not that we know much about surviving earthquakes.

  2. Surviving earthquakes must be hereditary, Joel! Your Dad was in a big one with his father and me when he was a little guy in a crib in San Francisco — and Grandpa Swanson (my father) was in the 1906 earthquake there as well!
    Jessica — just stay close to Joel and you won’t get all shook up :-)
    Did the kitties act funny?
    It was great talking to you :-)

  3. oh wow.. glad you are ok.. It was funny last night joel was checking the news headlines on his new phone and read about the earthquake.. I clicked on your site and got all the info.. I could not imagine going through an earthquake!

    I cant wait to tell the kids!

    so you did get another cat? I missed that! .. whats this ones name?


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