Portraits of the Teacher (or a matter of perspective)

I teach the youngest kids at our school, which is really fun…but can also be frustrating and trying, particularly in the first month or two when most of the kids are not used to an “English-only” environment and don’t understand a lot of what I’m saying. Nevertheless, it can be really funny too…as evidenced by “portraits of the teacher” that two of the students drew last week.

This was just an average day and an average coloring assignment until one of the students decided to spice up his picture quite a bit.

He said, “Teacher….this is YOU!” I looked at the picture and said, “Me? I don’t have a tail!” He said, “Yes, you have tail…and THIS! (pointing at the horns) and THIS! (pointing at the wings) and THIS! (pointing at the claws). I’ve had to be a little extra firm with him at times, and he’s lost a few breaks…so from his perspective, it’s probably an accurate portrait.

Another student saw his picture and decided to draw her own picture of the teacher:

As you can see, from her perspective, I appear pretty normal and nice. Granted, I don’t appear to have feet…but I don’t think that was an intentional thing. :D

So, am I the evil and wicked teacher that likes to eat small children? Or the sweet and kind looking (although footless) teacher?

Depends on the day, I suppose… or, the perspective of the student!

5 thoughts on “Portraits of the Teacher (or a matter of perspective)”

  1. Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to say hi. I was looking at your website get caught up on the latest. Hope your having fun teaching, looks like it, and keeping up with your class work. Will this be the last time you take grad courses in a while? We’re praying for you. Also congratulations on becoming uncles and aunts on Joel’s side of the fam.

  2. This semester will hopefully be our last for a while. Chinese school is next, an we can’t afford any more grad school anyway!

    Good to hear from you guys!

  3. Jessica,

    As a teacher (or principal), sometimes it pays one to be thought of in the way the young man portrayed you. At least he knows there are consequences.

    Not sure who was the originator of this advice, but one school of thought in pedagogy is to “never smile before Christmas”. Though I think this is a bit overboard, one can see how that advice got started, eh?

    Since I am not normally known as a stern person, when I became a principal some years back, I chose to put a poster of a fierce-looking bald eagle on the bulletin board right behind my desk. It certainly added to the atmosphere of intimidation I had to depend on as a principal!. Of course, it didn’t help that I’m bald. The smarter ones always caught the irony. It’s hard to discipline the smart ones sometimes! ;-)

    I miss those times with the kids.

    Be proud of both pictures….


  4. Oh I am proud of both pictures….but secretly I like the one with the horns and tail a little better. :D And he is one of those smart ones who is a little hard to discipline!

    That’s awesome about the picture of the bald eagle. I’ll have to remember that should I ever become a principal. Only since I’ve got long brown hair, maybe I’ll have to put up a picture of a yak. :D

  5. “At least he knows there are consequences.”
    AMEN, Owen! I learned the hard way our first semester. But they don’t have Christmas here, so we still smile while keeping them in their place.

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