Coffee Conflictions

Ah! Conflicted.

Our last grad classes are on – that means lots of reading and the end of my 92 day coffee fast. Is that long enough to make it Lenten? I don’t know. Anyway, after successfully proving to myself and the world for 92 days that I can choose to relinquish coffee entirely at any given moment, I had a couple cups. And even made it past the original end-date by a week. That’s not the problem.

I faced a dilemma this morning. Jessica – unrelenting coffee temptress in residence – made Starbucks (courtesy of Meredith).

I had to read for a while before work but was having no problem staying awake so I passed. I don’t want to drink it unless I need it or it’s a social occasion. But I don’t want to need it; drinking it when I need it seems like caving in. And if I wait for social occasions I’ll hardly get any. And in the meantime Jessica is going to be brewing Starbucks every morning for the next couple months.

This is compounded by a recent experiment involving Sunday mornings. Two Sundays ago (and coffee-free) I was nodding off bad during the sermon – a loooooong sermon – and I was nodding off the whole time. Not that I would have understood much if I’d been awake, but that’s not point. Last Sunday I had two cups before leaving the apartment and was wide awake the whole service and actually enjoyed the game of trying to decipher random words and phrases.

Ah! Life is so complicated.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Conflictions”

  1. come to the dark side joel….coffee… want coffee….you want coffee….

    ha ha…i don’t think i have a future in hypnotism…

  2. Kelly, you would bring brain science to hypnotism and wield far more power than I’m comfortable with you having.

    And it’s not the wanting, it’s the needing, and the only wanting to want it when I need it but not wanting to need it, yet still being unsure about whether I don’t need it even after 92 days of self-control. Ha! that sounds like something straight out of Eddie Parish’s sex class.

    Maybe it’s just a first-born hyper critical perfectionist thing.

    Anyway, we’ve got some actual real blogging material coming down the pipe: some very cool cross-cultural experiences, babies (no ours), and some cool stuff from “geography of thought,” complete with art illustrations stolen from the internet. If you’re lucky, w’ll even have a movie illustration one, too, just like a cheesy sermon.

  3. Hi… my name is Owen… and I’m a coffee addict.

    I have loved the smell and taste of coffee since I was five years old, when I swiped it from abandoned, cold coffee cups left at the table by my aunts, uncles and parents.

    I drink coffee not primarily because I need it, but because I just flat love it. Black. No sugar. No cream. (Except sometimes with dessert.) Made from fresh ground beans, mostly from Starbucks, and ground right before the hot water hits it.

    Did I say I love coffee?

    Steven loves it, too (but not black).

    Do you love coffee? It might solve your dilemma if you do.

    That’s my story.

    By the way, Lent lasts for 40 days.


  4. uh…you left out the t in not…so it could read, no ours as in, don’t be mistaken…the baby is ours….

    ha ha

  5. you know, Owen, that started out sounding like the heartfelt confession of an addict willing to change, but I think it ended up as a straight up celebration of beaverage hedonism. Between you and Jessica, I don’t think I can hold out much longer. I may have to join this dark side that Kelly speaks of, only I’m a milk and sugar kind of guy.

    ps – Tell Steven hi for me. Oh, and you can [sarcasm]thank him for getting in contact with us so promptly.[/sarcasm]

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