Airport Ramblings…

While I haven’t written in a while, I seem to have abundantly more spare time on my hands than I had planned for tonight. Due to a conspiracy between the weather and Continental Airlines, Joel and I are trapped at the George Bush “Intercontinental” Airport in Houston, TX until tomorrow morning’s first flight out to Vancouver. So, we’re camped out in front of the Presidents Club, which is the prime location from which to filch the “President’s Club Only” wireless internet signal. If you’re ever stuck in an airport with a laptop, just look around for the President’s Club and see if you can latch onto a smidgen of their signal. Especially if you have HOURS to kill, as we do tonight.

Our flight from Dallas to Houston was interesting…the most turbulent I’ve ever been on. I wondered for a bit if we were actually at Six Flags, in some airplane shaped amusement ride. No…it was a real airplane and we were seated in the very last seats, where we REALLY felt the bumps. The best part was when we hit this HUGE bump and my coffee splashed upwards hitting the ceiling of the aircraft and splattering everywhere. I wish I’d had it on video!!! Surprisingly little of it landed on me, which was a good thing considering the number of hours I’m going to be wearing these clothes.

Edited to add…we also just saw security arrest some lady. Not exactly sure what was going on, but she was definitely agitated. As they handcuffed her, she was yelling something about Chop-suey, Pakistanis, Japan, her boyfriend and a poodle. Should be an interesting night, to say the least!

6 thoughts on “Airport Ramblings…”

  1. Sounds like pure adventure! I’m glad that at least it’s not been boring for you. Have a great night, and get some sleep somehow.

    Be safe!

  2. Hey sounds like a trip similar to ones we have had in the past. Good though that you were able to grab some free internet, definately makes the time go quicker. Wish we could have been in Abilene to visit with you both and have some of those conversations that you mentioned in your last blog. Oh well, maybe on your way back to the other side of the ocean you can make a long pitstop in Salvador. Haha. I guess that would really mean an out of the way trip. Oh well, one day we will be able to connect again. Really do miss you guys and I am excited to hear about the meetings you had and what is the next step in your plans.

  3. I don’t know why, but tears came to my eyes when I saw that you had read my blog from the airport. I guess I can imagine myself in your situation (I’ve spent hour-after-hour in airports once or twice in my life). haha.

  4. Hey, we check your blog even when we’re not stuck overnight in airports! Especially now that you started posting more than once a month (nudge nudge wink wink TRAVIS AND ALICIA).

  5. Oh yeah you like that we post more often, I guess we have a little bit more to say now that we have been here in Salvador a bit longer and when the whole world wants to know what is going on with the pregnancy. No really we are trying to get more posted to keep our friends like you updated with our lives. Have fun camping with the family. Wish I could go camping!

  6. the good news about being in the back of the plane is if you reck that’s where most of the servivors come from. I know my dad is an airline pilot. This is kinda wierd to be saying I know, but at the same time, makes you wonder what the big deal is about first class. I mean it’s at the front of the plan, the least safe place last time I checked. You got Cheap and safe tickets cool eh?>

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