Survived ESL camping

Camping with 23 ESL students wasn’t as hard as I imagined. We had some experienced chaperones along with us, so that helped. Most of these kids had never slept in tents before, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, or been dragged behind a motorboat in an innertube. They liked the marshmallows, but most of them wouldn’t touch their oatmeal in the morning: it’s too gross for them, apparently. Cultus Lake is a boating lake, and the swimming where we camped was no good but we still had a blast tubing. First time I’d got to drive a motorboat.

We also took them to the Cultus Lake Waterpark, and that was fun. The park hosts mentioned that the less clothing you wear, the faster you go (it’s best not to wear t-shirts). This gave some of our boys a great advantage, since they’re quite comfortable sporting minimalist, speedo-style, friction-reducing swimwear.

They stayed awake goofing off so much the first night that by the next afternoon they were begging for naps… we didn’t let them.

5 thoughts on “Survived ESL camping”

  1. Can’t believe it’s time to go back already!! Sure glad we got a chance to see you this summer —
    If you’re intent on visiting in a hot climate, you’re more than welcome to stop here on the way — we’re seeing 102 degrees farenheit!!

  2. Ahhh! Camping with you two and the 23 ESL students was a blast. Joel, it looks like you failed to mention in your entry that you were the only one to fall out while tubing – twice! Have fun in Texas, and then camping again. Hopefully we’ll run into eachother again in the future. Love you both!

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