Teaching ESL in Vancouver

We had our first field trip with our new students today around Stanley Park. Twenty kids is a handful when it’s just two of us and there’s the language gap. The only negative incident was when some of our kids accidentally kicked a soccer ball into another kid’s face near Second Beach. The dented child’s family were tourists from the U.K. and the mom was pretty mad. But what can you do?

Three of students are from Taiwan (the rest are from Korea), and although we’re not supposed to play favourites, we’re extra glad they’re there. Some of the kids had their first picnic ever today. This is Jessica and “Joanne” from Taiwan.

There were three tourist-friendly raccoons that had our kids pegged from a mile away. We had to work fast to keep them from trying too get too cuddly.

You have to audition to be a busker in Vancouver.

The wheels on the bus go lound and lound…

It’s green here.

And we have slugs.

And flowers.

5 thoughts on “Teaching ESL in Vancouver”

  1. Hey guys. How is it being back in Canada? I am sooooo jealous. I can’t wait for next Sept in some ways, but in others i am so glad to be in Brazil. We started LST tonight and had 18 people sign up for english. A great first turn out. So remind me why you are working there in Canada, I thought this was a break and time to make some long term connections with people interested in your future plans. Hope you still have time to enjoy family. Jessica are you getting to see your family? Hope so. Pray all is well with you. Have fun in the great green north.
    Love, Travis

  2. Our employers planned from the beginning for us to teach in Canada for a bit in the summer… two different entities (one in Canada, one in Taiwan) are sort of sharing us. After teaching for a month we have three weeks of vacation, where we’ll visit some people who are interested in our plans.

  3. I finally figured out why we haven’t had rain. It’s Joel’s coffee fast. The days without rain here have shown a direct correllation with the days in which Joel has abstained from coffee. Crazy.

  4. It must be beautiful in vancouver this time of year. Not like hot ol’ texas. Though I see you are still in sweetshirts. Still that’s better than the short shorts you see around these parts. Your kids must have had a blast that day! Peace

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