We actually got a joke, cultural dispute re: vegetables, & caffeine-free groovin’

Someone made a joke in Chinese and we actually got it. It only involved one word, so that helped. We were with the young people’s group at Zhi-ling’s family’s apartment, and they played this game where everyone tapes a piece of paper to their back. Then everyone writes the qualities of each person on their paper (like ‘caring,’ ‘leader,’ etc.) and after each person shares what the group had written about them. It was all very warm and fuzzy. We were about half-way around the room when we got to one guy who looked at his paper and said, with a straight face “帥” – which can mean “handsome” or “hot” (帥哥 is the noun). He then acted like he was reading his list, saying “帥” for every other word. He pulled it off well and everyone laughed and we did to, and I realized, “Hey, we actually got that!” One word down, a couple dozen-thousand more to go.
No doubt you’ll walk away from this paragraph a changed person. We get white carrots, called 蘿蔔, in every other bowl of soup. They’re not bad, and are apparently full of vitamins. But it seems there’s a cultural disagreement in the produce section. We call luó bó “white carrots,” but they call carrots “red luó bó” (紅蘿蔔). Who’s right? I hope this doesn’t keep you up at night.
Wai-guo-ren’s New Groove. In Taiwan, when people clap to music they clap on 1 and 3, not 2 and 4 like Westerners. We’re so used to drummers hitting the snare on two and four so we clap with it, but not here. It’s weird because it’s so automatic, but we are regularly thrown off our groove several times every Sunday.
This is my seventh day in a row without coffee. We have it – I’m just trying to prove to myself that I don’t need it to function day to day. That, and I want the caffeine effect on my system to be good and potent right before our next term papers are due.

12 thoughts on “We actually got a joke, cultural dispute re: vegetables, & caffeine-free groovin’”

  1. What Joel doesn’t mention about going sans-coffee is that he’s substituting 15-20 cups of green tea (and other tea per day). I’m really NOT kidding. So, in my book, he’s not getting any less caffeine…(and he may even be consuming more of it!).

  2. sssshhhhh… that’s a family secret! Besides, Charles and Angel just gave us three cans of the best tea in Taiwan. I have to let them know we appreciate it!

  3. i WAS impressed by the no coffee thing but i’m going to have to agree with Jessica that, in fact, you are probably consuming more caffiene with the greeen tea… hmmm… what is it about you Ruch’s and hot beverages anyways? :)

  4. Well, Jessica’s still addicted and proud of it. And decaf… there’s a possibility I hadn’t considered (hmmm… is that the beginnings of backsliding?)

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