Ah… finally killed that alarm

The cat bit and/or licked me around 5:30, 5:45, 6, and 6:15 this morning. My alarm clock went off at 6:45 for me to go exercise, and then the obnoxious carbon monoxide sensor went off again at 6:50. To make things better, it also started playing “You Are My Sunshine” at the same time because Mr. Ling and Mr. He at the security desk were calling to help us turn it off (in Chinese). Last time they said (through a bilingual passerby) just crack a window. Well, it’s been raining this week and we’ve had all the windows and the sliding door open for a few days. We can’t help it if the air outside is poisonous, too.

Anyway, it went off on its own even though I was aiming a fan at the alarm, which Jessica pointed out actually isn’t the sensor… that’s on the ceiling in the kitchen.

On the way back in from exercising I stopped to attempt a conversation about it with Mr. Ling and Mr. He. Through a not-so-subtle yet potent integration of limited vocab, horrendous accent, desperate grammar, alarm noise imitations, and charades I deduced that they were saying there’s an off switch on the sensor. Lo, and behold! I have now neutralized the previously ever-present threat of air-raid+You Are My Sunshine. Now if we can just muzzle the cat…

7 thoughts on “Ah… finally killed that alarm”

  1. Ah fay-ult lahk shootin thet ther thing…. :D

    Is that deep enough south for you?

    Actually, I was in a pretty murderous mood between the cat sticking it’s nose in my eye while I was sleeping (and then BITING my nose)….followed up by the obnoxious alarm. Took a few laps around the park to get that out of my system!

  2. I hear that in Taiwan people point to their noses when they talk about themeselves instead of pointing to their hearts like we do in Merica.

  3. Shauna…

    Nope. She didn’t touch the elbow….and besides, Doppel-Gunter SUCKED my elbow, not licked it. Yech!

    But her cold wet nose on my eyelid CERTAINLY did not feel pleasant!

    Lao Xiong…
    Yeah. I think she has something against our noses. She’s gone after Joel’s before too! It must be ingrained etho-centrism inherited from the generations that her ancestors have been overhearing their owners discuss the merits of small-nosed-ness.

    Hmmmm…I never noticed. Guess I’ll have to pay attention and see if it’s true.

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