On the Air, a feast, and more pictures

Busy day off. First to the radio station, where we recorded the latest PEI radio ad for the English Summer Camp in Vancouver. We originally had kids from the school doing parts, but the clips we recorded at school weren’t good enough for the radio station people. So Mingdaw and Zhi-ling pretended to be kids and we re-recorded at the studio. It’s a little… well, you can hear it for yourself on the video page.

After that, Mingdaw and Charles took us all to Taipei 101. It was raining. But there are still some interesting, if not foggy, pictures from the top of the world’s tallest building. I’ll get those uploaded soon (it’s too late tonight).

After Taipei 101 it they took us all to a fantastic restaurant serving dishes from Shanxi province in China. We met up with Angel there (Charles’ wife) and had some of the best food we’ve had yet.

There are a ton more pictures on the photos page. We added some new galleries and updated others (see the dates by each one). Among them, a labelled satellite map of our neighbourhood showing the places we frequent, shots from the park, and more (including an audio recording of the infernal musical garbage trucks). Next up will be some profiles of local characters we’re getting know, and the Taipei 101 photos.

7 thoughts on “On the Air, a feast, and more pictures”

  1. “The world … and beyond”?? Kinda reminds me of Buzz Lightyear ;-) Nice touch, though. How subtle do you have to be to pick up on that one?!

  2. Hey, that wasn’t our idea. But don’t think we didn’t have fun with the buzz lightyear references in the first recoring session at the school! They’ve been using that slogan since the beginning. We’ve never figured out what ‘beyond’ is supposed to refer to…

    Also, you may have noticed that the radio announcer pauses when he says, “Pacific Academy.” That’s because he tried several takes and could never pronounce ‘academy’ properly, so he recorded ‘Pacific Academy’ separately and then inserted it into the mix. We thought we should do part in Chinese to make him feel better, but we were running out of studio time.

  3. I always knew that you had a face for radio… but I didn’t realize that you’ve got the voice to match, sister o’ mine… =)

    Tee hee… just kidding… =) You know I think you’re beautiful!!! After all… you look just like me!!!

    No… really… you guys sounded great!! Mingdaw and Zhi-ling didn’t sound very child-like though! =)

  4. Wow.. that was great.. yall sounded so professional! .. GREAT job! atleast now you know you can take up radio dj-ing as a side.. your voices sounded GREAT!… watch our npr here come joel and jessica!

  5. Shauna…

    Hehe. I told Mingdaw and Zhi-ling about your “face for the radio” comment, and they both thought it was really funny.

    All in all, a fun experience…even if the whole thing is a bit cheez-o-la. I could’ve played around in that studio all day long!!!

  6. Recording sessions are always fun. =) I’m glad that Mingdaw and Zhi-ling thought I was funny… I was hoping that no one would take that statement offensively… hence the huge “tee hee” afterward. =) We’ve always known that Jess is good with voice-overs… must have something to do with that well-modulated ******* family female voice. =) (SELF EDITED!) See, Joel!!! I’m being MUCH more careful now!

    Yaay me! I learn!

    Alright… enough rambling. You guys know how proud I am of you… =)

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