Free drinks & a night on the town

jessicalaozhaosmall.JPGWe’re trying to become “regulars” on our street, where we know the people we see everyday by name and can stop for a visits whenever we’re coming or going . And now we have time. Saturday we went in to work early and left at 5pm. That gave us the whole evening to run around. (We’ll have pictures up soon of all this stuff, except Old Zhao’s drunk friends).

We stopped in at the Ling Family fish soup place to visit Lao Zhao. He had three rich friends visiting. They were apparently in the mood to (loudly) bless Old Zhao and anyone else with the evidence of their wealth, which in this instance means sharing some bites of the “most expensive fish in Taiwan – from Thailand” (our chopstick proficiency exceeded their expectations… which must not be that high), admiring a diamond-encrusted Rolex (“cost ten-thousand one-hundreds”), a couple dixie cups of red wine (to which we’re attributing some of their extra-good mood), and a question about something to do with any sisters I might have. A good time was had by all, largely owing to the fact that the particulars regarding the question about my sisters were entirely lost in translation. It’s nice to have locals we can drop in on and hang-out with.

localtemplesmall.JPGAfter that we took off for the local night market, which we hadn’t visited yet. It’s smaller than the Shilin and Keelung, but only about three blocks off the opposite corner of the park. To get there we practically walked right through a temple – the same one that Old Zhao and I sat outside when we were looking for someone who would cut a waiguoren’s hair for $200NT. Pictures will be up soon. We had dinner at the night market, which this night was corn on the cob roasted in sticky spicy sauce, sushi, bao-zi (steamed stuffed bun), fruit juice blender drinks (kiwi, starfruit, watermelon), and fruit-on-a-stick that you pass under a chocolate waterfall.

Taught our first Sunday morning English class (part of our contract), which is our only adult English class. We used The Message for part of the text, and that seemed to go over really well. We’re contemplating eventually joining the choir as a means of extra Chinese exposure… it would only mean an extra hour or so on Sunday, and we already stay for the choir lunch anyway.

Pictures are back-logged severely. If you haven’t checked out the photos page in the last week or so, then there are a bunch of new pictures, and I will have a ton more probably Monday night (your time).

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