Chicken feet

Chicken feet for lunch today. Unfortunately, they came chopped up so we didn’t get the whole talon experience. Better pictures next time, but here’s Jessica eating a toe. It doesn’t taste bad, though some people might not like having to suck the skin and flesh off the knuckles before spitting out the bones. Click the images to see them full size.

6 thoughts on “Chicken feet”

  1. Vegetarians do rock. Over here, most vegetarians are also Buddhists, though. Really it wasn’t bad….I don’t think I’d want to eat them every day, but overall, worth trying at the very least!


  2. mmm mmm. Finger lickn good! I think I could stomach that tofu before suckinon those chicken paws, crackin’ knuckles.

    What camera are you guys using now? It takes impressive shots.

  3. we’re using a Nikon Coolpix 7600… and those photos were not on the highest quality setting. We’re shooting everyday stuff at 5mp instead of 7.1 because of the file size. But for really cool shots and stuff we’ll want to print in big size we’ll max out the mega pixels. I’m still experimenting with the different settings – tried some shots last night with the one of the night settings but the street was so full of Vegas-style lighted advertising on the buildings that they came out over-exposed.

  4. Yeah I’m glad now I’m doing North American work. You two are definetly gifted for this kind of stuff.

  5. oh man, chicken feet is the easy stuff!

    Aside from the stinky dofu, in which case being within the general vicinity is physically revolting, the “gross” factor is almost all mental. Food is food… or maybe I’ve just eaten too many hot peppers over the years.

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