Get the Chinese doomsday cult story straight: it’s EASTERN LIGHTNING 东方闪电

Why mainstream media outlets are calling them the ‘Church of Almighty God’ and a ‘fringe Christian group’, I don’t know. They’re called Eastern Lightning 东方闪电. We’ve had run-ins with them. And this piece from ChinaSource — people who keep tabs on this kind of stuff in China — provides interesting personal anecdotes, links for further reading, and helps set the record straight: Eastern Lightning and the End of the World

“After a few minutes of chatting, he said to me, ‘Have you heard the news? Jesus has returned?’
‘Excuse me,’ I replied. ‘I don’t think so.’
…he told me. ‘Jesus has returned and is in Henan Province, in the form of a woman named Mrs. Deng.'”

This is also worth a read: Eastern Lightning may be a cult, but they still have rights
And some helpful background: Jesus is Back, and She’s Chinese
You might also try googling “eastern lightning cult violent” as see what you get.

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