Beijing to “strike hard” against (ha!) Chinese-style traffic

This funny article about a campaign in Beijing to “strike hard” against Chinese-style foot traffic and “bring order to traffic and security” gives me so many warm feelings, reminding me of when we first learned to survive traffic in China during our first couple months. Ah, memories.

Beijing targets those who cross the street ‘with Chinese characteristics’
“…crossing the road with Chinese characteristics has nothing to do with whether the lights are red or green. The determining factor is how many people are waiting on the curb. Once a crowd has reached critical mass, it moves […] I still recall the sense of pride with which I rode my bicycle the wrong way up a street for the first time, taking a call on my mobile phone. I felt like a true Beijinger. And the quaint idea that I should stop at a red light rather than weave a path through the cars getting in my way is one that I abandoned a long time ago.”

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