Crossing the street (Pt. 1)

Everyday around 6pm, we cross this street:

And this isn’t even an intersection. This is only a weeny little taste of the rush hour biking action. Once I figure out how to strap the camera to my head, we’ll get some real bike commute footage that makes this one look like a safety video.

3 thoughts on “Crossing the street (Pt. 1)”

  1. Looks a lot like crossing the street in Brazil as well. Although we would never do it on a bike. Once you get the timing of the traffic going, it’s not that hard after awhile. It’s still crazy, scary and dangerous but somehow everyone makes it. Good luck with crossing there all the time.

  2. Love it! Even my kids got pretty good at crossing the street on our last trip. The hubby on the other hand….well, lets just say he isn’t used to have four littles surrounding him!

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