new Hong Kong photos

What do dried snake skins, nets full of live toads, piles of pig snouts, lightening-fast abacus calculations, and live performances of Mozart in giant upscale shopping malls have in common?

Hong Kong! Click here for pictures.

(“They’re all edible” is not the correct answer; abacuses and Mozart’s music are not edible.)

4 thoughts on “new Hong Kong photos”

  1. great pictures!.. catherine and I really enjoyed them… you should have heard her say “eeeeOOOO!” at the pig snouts. Thanks for sharing them..

  2. Hey, love the picts, pig snouts what does that taste like. No I would prefer simply to get you alls opinion.

  3. We only sample the cooked food when we’re on the road. But we’ve had pig feet and intestines, so I’m sure the ears and snouts will find their way into our bowls eventually.

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