Taiji lessons in Qingdao’s Licun Park

It turns out our kids aren’t the only ones in Qingdao’s Licun Park 李村公园 who attract smartphones.

[Photo Gallery:] Spring taiji lessons, our neighbourhood, Qingdao, China

It’s that magical time of year again in our neighbourhood, when spring blossoms surround the taiji lessons (太极拳). Took these this morning on the way to work. Click a thumbnail to open the gallery viewer!

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Taiqi, Licun Gongyuan, Qingdao, China

Dancing, taiqi, music, calligraphy and kites are regular features of a stroll through Licun Gongyuan, a fantastic park in north Qingdao, China. Taiqi in Licun Gongyuan, Qingdao
Taiqi in Licun Gongyuan, Qingdao
Taiqi in Licun Gongyuan, Qingdao

Sunrise sword dancing & taiji, our neighbourhood, Qingdao, China

Our neighbourhood still has a little bit of exotic China. These are from two weekends ago, literally a stone’s throw from the preschool and a 1-minute walk from our apartment.

Every morning a group of retirees practices tàijíquán 太极拳 and sword dancing 舞剑.

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