Market day in Qingdao

Market days (大集) are every five days, on the lunar calendar’s 2s and 7s. If you’re going to 赶集, those are the best days.
This new location for Licunji (李村集) doesn’t compare to the old one, but market day still brings out tons of people.

Praise the Motherland! Or don’t…

Part of my regular commute is literally lined down both sides with Chinese Communist Party propaganda. Recently, it was lined on both sides with vandalized Party propaganda. Someone took out all propaganda posters within a couple blocks’ radius, tagging or slashing dozens of posters.

“Praise the Motherland!” 歌唱祖国

About two weeks later, the slashed ones have been replaced, but the tagged ones have just been whitewashed a bit.
“Heartily sing a song praising the Party’s grace!” 高歌一曲颂党恩

We don’t often see this kind of graffiti. 99.9% of what we do see scrawled on walls is just advertising. But this particular wave of Party propaganda has achieved higher levels of saturation than the previous waves. Our district is full of it.

Pine mice (aka “squirrels”)

Was passing through the market the other day (the pet section, not the food section, though that’s kind of a distinction without a difference) and saw these… chipmunks? Guy said they were squirrels (“pine mice” 松鼠).

Hand-fired steamed dumplings (包子), Licun, Qingdao, China

Lunchtime on market day at Licunji, a huge open-air traditional market in Qingdao, China:qingdaomarketbaoziman01qingdaomarketbaoziman02
The fire is stoked with wooden bellows:qingdaomarketbaoziman03 qingdaomarketbaoziman04

Market panorama, Licun Daji, Qingdao, China

Standing on a bridge in the middle of 李村大集,Qingdao’s awesome-est traditional market:Market panoramaClick to view large size!

Late sun in an outdoor market, Qingdao, China

Late sun in Licunji 李村集, Qingdao, China’s biggest traditional market.
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Little laowai, big Chinese market — Qingdao, China

Chinese market laowaiOur daughter on one of the bridges crossing Licunji 李村集,Qingdao’s biggest traditional market.

friendly Chinese marketIt’s a friendly crowd, but not overly so. Foreigners almost never come here, but we draw very little attention.