Free Chinese Sidewalk Calligraphy Lessons

Our daughter gets some pointers from a friendly security guard in Qingdao’s Licun Park (李村公园).
The brushes are made with reused materials: plastic pipe, sponge/foam, plastic water bottle, and a couple small nails.

Water calligraphy in Licun Park, Qingdao, China

water calligraphyA common sight in Qingdao’s Licun Park 李村公园。

Family picnic in Licun Park, Qingdao, China

Licun picnic
A family picnic in Qingdao’s Licun Park.
We are so thankful to live not far from 李村公园。

Chicks in a park, Qingdao, China

We took our girls to Licun Park (李村公园) on Saturday, and a grandpa passed me carrying a plastic bag that was cheeping. I knew then that somewhere in the park, someone was selling chicks on the sly. Sure enough, on the other side of a big bush:chicks in the park

Pagoda and construction, Licun Park, Qingdao, China

Licun Gongyuan & construction
Licun Gongyuan, before the spring, amid Qingdao’s relentless urban development.
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