“Be careful of hospital scalpers”

“Guard against hospital scalpers.” 谨防医托

To find out what a “hospital scalper” is see this article: Scalped: At China’s creaking hospitals, illegal ticket touts defy crackdown.

Took this photo during my misadventures at a local Chinese hospital earlier this week. I wouldn’t say the place was an Orwellian nightmare, exactly, but “creaking” definitely sounds right. Didn’t notice any scalpers, but I was plenty distracted at the time.

Comparing Chinese & American health care culture

Shanghai Scrap compares experiences at Shanghai and U.S. hospitals, and locates the root of the dissimilarities not just in the different medical systems, but in deeper cultural differences in the approach to health care:

“I’ve never really been able to put my finger on what – precisely – it is that makes Chinese hospitals such culturally foreign experiences for expats … And, conversely, what makes American hospitals so foreign to Chinese.

Part of the problem, I think, is that I’ve always thought about this in terms of health care systems. But what … I really should have been thinking about health care cultures.”