How loud?

Our group of Chinese preschool employees celebrating Teacher’s Day with dinner at an extravagant Chinese BBQ buffet last weekend was actually told to quiet down by the restaurant staff.

We were too loud for a Chinese restaurant. Too loud. For a Chinese restaurant! This has got to be a first ever. A world record. A major breakthrough in physics. A hole in the space-time continuum. Or something.

Comparative noise levels in German and Chinese restaurants, by visual designer and resident of Germany Yang Liu.

I was actually kind of proud.

Cheers, in miniature China style

Had a birthday party with some preschool kids, and when we turned around they were doing Chinese-style cheers on their own:
Chinese preschool cheers 1
Chinese preschool cheers 2

A Chinese meal done right is a very special thing

As much as the Chinese obsess about food, it’s not really about the food.