Welcome to Qingdao (please mind the squid)

Next time you’re in the woods and accidentally walk face-first into a spider web, remember:
watchoutChinesesquidQingdao …it could have been a huge dried squid.

Qingdao loves squid. FYI.

Wait wait wait… we’re supposed to *spit out* the exoskeleton?

This Chinese seafood buffet lunch party was already getting out of hand…

silkworm chrysalis
Silkworm chrysalis (蚕蛹), a common BBQ option in Qingdao, China.

…when I noticed that the guy I was eating silkworm chrysalises with was spitting out the exoskeletons — like they were watermelon seeds or something. According to him and another friend I asked later at a different event, most people don’t swallow the exoskeletons of these big ones (the small ones, apparently, everyone just crunches down.)

The next day at the gym one of the trainers brought it up because he’d seen my Weixin post. So I told him how this other guy said most people spit out the shells, and both the trainer and the woman he was coaching replied, “No! We always eat the shells! The shells are good!”

Either way, I wish I’d known the exoskeletons were optional the first time we ate these — these take a long time to chew! And the whole time you’re thinking: “There’s a big squishy bug in my mouth… I’m chewing a big squishy bug in my mouth… I’m chewing a big squishy bug in my mouth and I can feel it… I’m chewing a big squishy bug in my mouth and I can feel it and I’m gonna swallow it…” (But no one thinks to tell the lÇŽowài these kinds of things…)

seafood plate

Starfish, dog, and pretty much whatever else, I can eat without thinking about it. Except the silkworms-on-a-stick — those still take some mental effort.

Crabs-on-a-stick, Qingdao, China

We were on a date walking along the ocean and saw this:

crabs on a stick
Been in this town three years, but this is the first time I’ve seen crabs-on-a-stick.

So I asked on Weixin (微信 aka WeChat; what China does instead of Facebook) and got mostly positive responses, like with the starfish but unlike with the chicken fetus, where responses were decidedly mixed. (Dog meat also gets a wide range of reactions among our Chinese friends and acquaintances, as there’s a social class dynamic at play there.)

Best comments about the crabs-on-a-stick were these ones:

I’ve not only eaten them, I’ve roasted them myself. You have to roast the crabs belly-up, only this way will the juice not leak out and be wasted.

Seeing this I feel it’d cost some teeth!